A great solution for your business or home office space.

A 20ft shipping container offers the right balance between available office space and flexibility to place the container almost anywhere. Perfect for a garden home office, construction sites and businesses alike.OFFICE SPACE CONTAINERS

A standard once used 20ft shipping container converted into an office. Doors and windows are installed to the outside. Black nonslip flooring is laid over the standard plywood vinyl and the walls are insulated and lined with Wilkins White. This leaves you with a practical and spacious room ideal for an office. They are offered in either gentian blue (RAL 5010), cobalt blue (RAL 5013) or bottle green (RAL 6007) as standard but bespoke colours are also available

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Shipping Containers have long been market leaders in shipping container office and canteen conversions, supplying both trade and customers with bespoke conversions from our specialist workshops. Although portable container offices have always represented good value for money, certainly by comparison with traditional buildings, and have the advantage of being portable too, the costs of production can be too high for projects with more limited budgets. To bring down the costs and reduce the selling price, in 2016 we launched the ModiBox® range of steel portable container offices. The ModiBox® retains all the benefits of the standard portable container office, in terms of strength, portability and security but at a heavily discounted price. With prices starting at just $5500 for a used 10ft shipping container ModiBox®, this offers unbeatable value. The concept also allows for flexibility in design, in terms of the positioning of anti-vandal doors and windows, choice of exterior colours and interior finishes, giving you the opportunity to create your own bespoke container office within the low price bracket of the ModiBox® template around the USA. Why not start to explore the prices and specification of some standard lengths in the range by contacting us for more information and for your specific need related to any container design that suite your taste. We are available for a consistent reply to your needs and we are ready to guide you through out the process of purchasing a new or used container that suites your needs.Buy shipping containers from Shipping Containers gives your the confidence of being provided with quality service and quality containers designs thats meets up with your requirements with stress as we deliver your container at your convinience.

Buy Quality Office Space Containers With Us

Below you’ll see the standard features included free in of all portable container offices within the ModiBox® range. Depending on the size you require we begin the conversion with a used 20ft shipping container, or a used 40ft shipping container. If preferred we can also make the ModiBox from new 20ft and new 40ft shipping containers. We also offer the new build ModiBox, manufactured from scratch in our fabrication department. The strength and security inherent in using a shipping container as a structure from which to modify is enhanced by the type of heavy duty steel pedestrian doors and vandal proof steel shuttered windows that we manufacture and fit. The external appearance is improved with the application of a marine grade rubberised solvent-free paint and colour choices that cover the whole spectrum. The interior finish is achieved using wipe clean melamine over 100mm rockwool wall insulation with heavy duty PVC trim to finish around the windows, doors, skirting board and coving. A heavy duty, anti-slip vinyl flooring is fitted and the office is finished with a standard single phase electrical installation, providing interior sockets, lights, heaters and an external hook up point. The unit is delivered to you on a plug in and go basis. If you’re in a hurry we always hold in stock standard sizes from the ModiBox® range with standard lay-outs, ready for quick dispatch to your desired location around the USA. Our delivery staffs are well strained on how to handle your specific container to reach your address in the exact condition that it left our warehouse. We handle containers for delivery with much care so as to make sure they dont get any scratches until they arrive their destination intact. Please always specify how your want your container to be delivered and get the area where your container will be delivered ready so ass to avoid waiting our time as it may incure additional charges.

Standard Features

Personnel Doors

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    • Welded steel construction
    • 12 point multi locking system
  • Anti-jemmy hinge bolts

Anti-vandal windows

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    • All steel construction
    • Anti-jemmy lip around the frame
  • Heavy duty steel shoot bolts


Exterior Repaint

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    • Rubberised marine grade paint
    • Range of colours
  • Solvent free

Melamine Lining

    • Choice of cream or white finish
    • 8mm board over 50mm frame
  • 100mm rockwool insulation


Vinyl flooring

    • Heavy duty 2mm wear layer
    • Stain resistant
  • Slip resistant


    • CE compliant parts (plug sockets, LED strip light)
    • 4 way steel consumer unit
    • 2KW convector heater

Add a canteen package

Everyone’s favourite time of day at work is lunchtime! Our optional canteen package, which includes a work-top counter, double sink unit and water heater, fitted with inlet and waste pipes, is perfect as a kitchenette.

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Extra Wide Portable Site Offices

buy shiiping containers in miamiWe understand that one of the main reasons people can’t use a regular shipping container office conversion is due to the uniform width of containers (8ft), which can often be too narrow for an office space.Shipping Containers have two solutions to this potential problem:

    1. Using our in-house fabricators, we can build containers from scratch to a variety of widths, most commonly to 10ft wide. Although more expensive, these containers are made using 1.6mm corrugated panels as standard, and are completely customisable to suit your needs. We once built the shell of a new build 35ft x 10ft office conversion for our client at Parkstone Bay Marina, complete with ply lining and insulation, who then completed the office interior on site.
  1. Another way of extending the width of your portable site office container is to join two or more of them together. Our bespoke method of joining containers allows for two or more containers to be joined side by side to provide a greater width for your office conversion. This option is great as it allows for much larger spaces to be created, whilst still being portable. The largest joining project completed so far was created by joining four 20ft containers side by side to create a school changing rooms, fitted with toilets, showers and two separate changing rooms. Once you place your order with us, we can always send a team to analyse your need and proceed with the delivery and put everything in place to suite your desired form.


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