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All One Trip Shipping Containers are guaranteed for 5 years from date of manufacturing. As of April 1, 2021, lead time for delivery is 5-7 business days from date of payment. If you need the unit(s) faster, please contact us prior to purchasing to confirm availability. If picking your unit up at one of our facilities, units may be available in 2-5 days, providing unit(s) are in stock.

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Need a small storage container for long term use? Although 10ft second hand shipping containers offer great value for money, if extended years of trouble free use, or a superior cosmetic condition are important you may wish to consider a 10ft new shipping container. In the UK, most new ISO containers are also known as ‘one trip containers’, as they are manufactured in China and shipped over with cargo, so the odd dent or scuff mark from handling is to be expected. Other than some evidence of handling, a one trip container will be as new. We modify most of our 10 ft containers from these one trip containers, which either be a standard sized 20ft container or a 40ft container, by cutting them down to size and refurbishing them with either a new door, or new end wall. We use high-gauge strong steel for this conversion, to guarantee your container is watertight and gives unmatched levels of strength and security. This process allows us to offer a unique choice of different doors types, each designed for different needs of our customers.New 10ft Shipping Container

Used containers should give you similar benefits as new containers. As the prices are lower, you will have an initial cost saving but the containers will be cosmetically inferior and won’t last as long. We can advise whether a 10ft new shipping container or used is best for your requirements. If you need a bit more height then opt for a high cube container, which stand at a foot taller than standard size at 9ft6 high. They are a popular size for converting into chemical stores and small offices, and when ply lined and insulated make a great environment for storage of paperwork and delicate items. We also supply 10ft new shipping containers in narrow widths: our SlimeLine® range offers new 10fts in any width from 4ft wide to 7ft wide. For shipping purposes, we hold good stocks of ISO 10fts which retain the original corner posts and are certified for shipping. All of our 10 foot containers are delivered at heavily discounted rates, making weekly runs to all areas of the US.

Available in a variety of colours, they can be delivered from any of our depot across the UK and US.

A range of new or used models are available, and come with the following as standard: multiple air vents, 27mm marine plywood floor and multiple lashing points, as well as being fully wind and watertight. Please note that whilst a lock box comes as standard in all new models, they’re only optional in used ones.New 10ft Shipping Container

These models can be used in a variety of applications and industries: supermarkets, chemical suppliers, agriculture and leisure clubs are just some of the businesses that make use of them.

We are the nationwide supplier to Persimmon Homes, frequently providing them with 10ft shipping containers for their construction projects.New 10ft Shipping Container

Applications for 10ft Shipping Containers
One of our most popular sizes, they are easily converted, especially when available space is restricted. Common modifications include roller shutter doors, bespoke doors and windows, as well as the installation of heating, lighting and electrics.

Enquiries about 10ft Shipping Containers
We know your needs can be site-specific and constrained, and we are market leaders in keeping our customers’ requirements at the forefront of project completions. If you would like to make an enquiry regarding our 10ft range, then please fill out the form below and we will be in contact shortly.READ MORE

Our 10ft containers are fantastic when space is limited, and particularly useful for secure site storage. They have a range of applications, including chemical storage, welfare/washroom units, and archive storage. They are also easily converted; we regularly install bespoke doors, windows, and roller shutter doors, and make other modifications – just let us know what you need.

What’s included?
Available in standard format. All models are wind and water tight, and come fitted with multiple air vents, a plywood floor, and multiple lashing points.

New and used containers available. All new products come fitted with a lock box as standard; the lock box is optional for used models.New 10ft Shipping Container

You can also purchase a sliding shackle padlock for extra security.

This range is suitable for a broad range of industries, including construction, agriculture, self- storage, firework shops, supermarkets, retail, leisure and sports clubs, chemical suppliers, and energy companies.

As the nationwide supplier to Homes, we frequently provide 10ft shipping containers for their construction projects.


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