Double your Storage Capacity with our Topper Solution

SHIPPING CONTAINERS FOR SALE presents an innovative container conversion created for the self-storage industry, the “Topper” unit. Designed to sit on top of your current 20ft units and available in two different configurations to offer maximum flexibility. 20FT TOPPER CONVERSIONS FOR SELF STORAGE INDUSTRY

The 20ft Topper units come as standard in either a double 8ft storage space configuration with a 4ft walkway in between; or a single 15ft storage unit with a 5ft walkway located at the end of the container.We have the solution to all your container needs so do now hesitate to contact us for more information about any type of container you are interested in because we are devolted to your container needs.

Both options feature steel vandal resistant personnel doors and are offered in gentian blue (RAL 5010), cobalt blue (RAL 5013) and bottle green (RAL 6007) as standard. Bespoke configuration options and colours are available.

We can also provide a standard 13 thread straight flight staircase with various landing options to access the units.

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Always working to help introduce new ranges and developments for the container market, we have recently introduced this new topper unit to our ranges.

These topper containers are ideal for a range of self storage yards, as well as helping add additional storage for industrial or commercial sites. These topper containers are converted to order in our US yards.

Made from a one trip (new) shipping container, these topper containers have a 4t wide central walkway with high security lockable doors heading off the walkway into 2 separate circa 8ft x 8ft storage units.  This is an ideal design for self storage yards who may want to maximise revenue from a top layer of shipping containers

Getting the best revenue from your site is always a challenge for any self storage owner, and large storage units are often not very popular for the ‘top deck’ this is down to customers not wanting to lug large volumes of gear to the top row if they can have the choice of a ground floor unit.Read more

These smaller 8ft units fill the gap nicely. They will suit customers who have much less gear to store. The likelihood is that someone who wants a storage unit this size may only have 1 or 2 boxes to drop off each trip. This means a climb to the top row of containers is generally more manageable.20FT TOPPER CONVERSIONS FOR SELF STORAGE INDUSTRY

The central corridor goes through both sides, allowing you to stack multiple of these units side to side to make a long row of storage units. We can leave one side blank (ie without the corridor entry cut out) if needed as well.

These can be used with our 13 or 15 tread staircases. These offer excellent value and can come with a full instillation service. These staircases are built to order so we can offer a huge range of customisation if needed.
We also offer our 50 tonne container interlocks. These can help secure the upper container to the base layer ensuring the top units are as solid as a rock.

These units are not only for self storage yards. They may fit a number of other operations needing smaller secure storage spaces.20FT TOPPER CONVERSIONS FOR SELF STORAGE INDUSTRY


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