20ft Dry Van Container


Our 20ft shipping containers are the most popular size and offer the best value for money. Available new or used they feature double doors at one end and four locking bars with waist-high door handles for ease of use.

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Planning to buy new or second hand shipping containers? Or are you looking to buy a disapproved shipping container for efficient storage?  View our current offer of both new and used shipping containers for sale. These containers are labeled A-quality or B-quality. A-quality containers are new or rarely used. B-quality containers show signs of usage and are priced accordingly.20ft Dry Van Container

Renting a shipping container is an excellent solution if you want to store or transport certain goods temporarily. Buying a shipping container can obviously also be interesting when you must ship goods by road, rail or water. Depending on the dimensions of the goods, you can choose from several types of shipping containers.


Within our regular stock, you can find 20ft shipping containers40ft shipping containers and sometimes 10ft shipping containers. If a 10ft shipping container is not available we can modify larger containers to create the container you are looking for.Read More

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS 20ft Dry Van Container

Shipping Containers buys and sells both new and used containers worldwide. It is possible to modify used containers according to your specifications before or after transportation. Modifying a container can mean installing electronics, extra acces possibilities or even doors and windows.

Are you interested in knowing the price of shipping containers? It is possible to request a quote online. Please indicate your wishes as detailed as possible, and we will contact you as soon as possible and get your order processed to meet up with your time as we are here to make sure you enjoy the best services in relation to your container needs.

Our most popular shipping container is the 20ft Dry Van. Made from corten steel, they are extremely strong, durable and can be stacked up to 8 containers high. Offered new or used, they all come wind and watertight and are fully inspected before being delivered. New 20ft containers are available in either blue or green, with double doors at one end and four locking bars with waist-high door handles for ease of use, these containers are built in China to the highest standards and used once to bring into the USA. They come with a lockbox as standard, have 10 vents for optimal air ventilation and feature a high-quality marine plywood floor. All our once used containers are CSC Plated, ready to be used as cargo containers. For an additional cost, they can be treated with an internal Grafo-therm anti-condensation coating. Our 20ft Dry Van second-hand containers are offered in their original colour as standard and do not come with a lockbox. Bespoke painting options are available as well as the possibility of fitting a lockbox at an additional cost.20ft Dry Van Container



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