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10ft Used And New Shipping Containers

SHIPPING CONTAINERS are the US’s largest supplier of 10ft used shipping containers with discounted weekly delivery runs to all parts of the country. Whether you are looking for a quality 10ft used shipping container, a new 10ft shipping container or a refurbished 10ft Shipping Containers have the capacity to supply the right quality at the right price, wherever you are in the US. 10 ft used shipping containers make excellent storage containers but can also be modified for a container conversion project. To ensure a faster service, that puts quality at the forefront, we manufacture and modify 10-foot containers in our own dedicated workshops, rather than relying on sub-contractors. This allows us to have total control over quality from initial inquiry through to delivery. The 10ft is offered with a unique choice of door types to choose from, which you can explore below, each designed to suit different requirements in terms of usage, cost, and security.10 Ft Shipping Container


10ft steel storage containers are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as storage for schoolsallotments, clubs, businesses, construction sites, and conversions. We can even create a 10ft container office. Their neat 10-foot size makes them ideal for smaller spaces or smaller storage loads. The structure of shipping containers offers unrivaled strength and security, and they come with a 12-month watertight guarantee, making them one of our biggest selling containers. Choosing whether to buy a new or a 10ft second-hand shipping container can be tricky, so Shipping Containers have a dedicated team of sales advisors to help you make the right choice. If you are looking for something bigger then try our used 20ft shipping containers, or if you have the space, even a used 40ft shipping container, as these offer the best value of all in terms of price per square foot.

The Build Process

Shipping containers for saleShipping Containers build the 10-foot container in their fabrication depot and deliver on discounted weekly runs to all parts of the US. This process of fabrication involves taking used 40ft shipping containers and cutting them down to make 10ft containers. New doors and walls are manufactured, using high gauge steel, matching corrugated metal panels and then the parts are fully seam welded to create new 10fts! It’s this emphasis on quality products that make these the US’s best-selling 10 ft second hand and new containers. We have hired the best-engaged staff for all your container need around the USA and please do not hesitate to hit our contact us button for all your container needs as we are ours to serve you with the best quality services in relation to your desired container sizes and shape.10 Ft Shipping Container

See how versatile the 10ft can be!


The 10ft container makes an ideal structure for a variety of container conversion projects and is one of the best sellers in the popular and budget-friendly container office range. They can be easily modified for Chemical Storagetoilets and smoking shelters too. Read More

Flatpack option

Where space is limited and accesses restricted flat pack containers are the solution.

Wider, narrower, or even longer or shorter!

For wider than the standard 8ft see extra wide containers or the range for widths as narrow as 4ft. If 10ft is not quite long enough, or maybe a bit too long, Shipping Containers cut to any length.

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Michael J Snell was very happy with the 10ft storage container which fitted conveniently and neatly on the car park’s premises.

“Just to say that we had our first workday today using the new container for storing our tools. Everyone is very impressed. Thanks for your help.”

The Grange School in TEXAS purchased a used 10ft container with an S1 door, repainted in navy blue.
“My experience with your company was excellent” – from Stuart Lord, at the Grange School

Andrew Hobart purchased a 10ft container with S3 doors, to provide a clean and secure furniture store while having work done on his house.
“Thanks for your help with this. Very happy with the unit. The delivery driver is helpful and extremely skillful. Kept me informed by Email of his arrival time.

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3 reviews for 10 Ft Shipping Container

  1. Elan Yang

    Came before the estimated lead-in time which helped me a lot. The driver was excellent and made what could have been an awkward task go very smoothly.


    Happy with our 40ft high cube, some repairs have clearly been made to it and for the cost we were hoping for one in a slightly better condition. That said the staff were very helpful and delivery was professionally carried out.


    Thank you guys for the delivery of my 10ft container right at my home.I was having the problem of space so i needed more space to get myself a home office and a friend recommend you guys for a container. i will surely be getting a 40ft soon because the space still insnt enough for all my stuffs but i aint got enough to order now but hopefully soon enough and thank you.

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